Anthropology of Ritual / Antropologie rituálu


/vyučováno v angličtině/

The course is concerned with ritual behaviour analysis. The ritual is considered to be a universal feature common to all humanity, and on the other hand, we will also study its diversity in various cultures and discourses. Within sociocultural anthropology, the ritual has been one of the key concepts. The aim is to synthetize, organise and improve the knowledge of students and to understand that the significance of a ritual is dependent on particular concept of human beings and their culture.
The aim of the class readings discussions is to make students familiar with how the meaning, content and functions of a ritual are understood in different perspectives. Especially, we aim to provide students with a broader range of anthropology texts. Plus, through the confrontation with their master’s degree project, we will focus on the improvement of texts understanding, interpretation and critical reading.

Main topics – outline:
1. links between what we ask and what we discover
2. particular approaches to ritual: various notions of a human being
3. ritual in the history of sociocultural anthropology
4. the complexity of symbols
5. diversity of ritual in space and time
6. the social drama and integration
7. ritual in the contemporary societies
8. links to the transcultural communication

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