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Zdenka Sokolíčková pro BBC



BBC Sounds uvádí nový rozhlasový seriál s názvem The New Arctic, z produkce Just Radio. Na vzniku dokumentu se kromě dalších podílela i Zdenka Sokolíčková a její manžel, Jakub Žárský.

A new radio series called The New Arctic is out on BBC, produced by Just Radio. I met Victoria Ferran in September 2020 in Longyearbyen, we talked and I recorded my choir’s rehearsal for her (hope it will pop up in one episode or another!), my husband took her up to Larsbreen and explained a bit what life of a glacier is like. Now the first two episodes are on air, I am sharing the first one on “Communities under threat” today. Stories from Svalbard are part of a bigger picture here. Apart from Jakub and me, you will also audio-meet Kim Holmén, Mark Sabbatini and Fred Skancke Hansen from Longyearbyen, and many interesting voices from other places in the Arctic.