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Zdenka Sokolíčková

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24/10/2018 at 08:38
Hey, my name is Luna, I am from China. My hometown is a small city at the the feet of Mountain Tai (a famous mountain in China). It symbolizes peace and stability, in the ancient time (after A.D.600), empires always got here for praying.
Yue Qiu is my Chinese name, Yue means moon in Chinese so I choose Luna as my nickname. It is easier to all my foreign friends.
In my high school, I chose science (physics, chemistry and biology) as my major subjects. But after I had my preparatory school, I decided to study something about Humanities. It is not normal in China (my roommate wanted to come here with me but her mother didn't allow). In their opinions, it is not a faculty which can easily find stable works.
And when I talked to my parents, they were like "Mmm? Sweetie, are you sure about this?
Economy or business is better… OK, fine, that's good, are you really sure about this?" Anyway, I came here only because I love this. I want to be a social worker to devote myself to our society (like working in some nonprofit social organizations). Studying this faculty could help me communicate with others better. And to understand other cultures.