Interspaces - or the Children Ask Back after a Small Thing, out of which the Big Things Came

František Burda

30/9/2015 at 09:15
It is the evening of 24. September 2015. Prague is beeing quickly swallowed by darkness. With eager steps we are walking from Dejvice to the Dominican monastery of St. Giles in Hus street no. 8, which is located in the very heart of Prague. For years the ambitious intellectual and artistic projects reaching far beyond their time have taken place here. Today an unusual artistic interventions and performances called Interspaces by the artist Patrick Hábl and the composer Michal Rataj will take place here. We had the opportunity to meet Patrick Hábl personally in summer with his nice family. We were strongly impressed by his artistic handwriting and personality. We last saw Michal Rataj at his joint project with the poet Jaromir Typlt called Scribbles, which has been published this year as the very successful CD. Tonight in the world where "any rigid breath in and broken breath out, ... any ruin wants to speak" (Typlt), the monastery of St. Giles and all the activity attract us like a magnet. But we don´t know what we will see. Who knows, maybe a sort of a historic event…
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