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It is no longer a question of IF we will live together, but HOW


Our department is small enough for our teachers to know you all, yet our department is big enough for important and interesting projects.

We do not promise easy “what to do” instructions. Rather, we offer support for your talents, the development of critical thinking, and a shared journey to understand culture and society. These are the best investments for the future.


The study consists of four areas: it links socio-cultural anthropology with philosophical and ethical issues and complements them with a focus on how to apply knowledge and skills in practice.

It is therefore, among other things, an interdisciplinary introduction to the humanities and social sciences allowing students to define their own professional direction.


We offer Bachelor’s studies in Czech and English. The Master’s follow-up study is currently only in Czech.

The first Czech students received their diplomas in 2013, and the first graduates of the English programme are from 2020.


Our students and teachers are inspiring; our graduates are successful in entering graduate programs and employment in the long-term.

Alumni testimonials and further details about our activities, projects, publications etc. can be found on our website. Details on the admission procedure are available here.

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Study with us