Hope in the course of history

Tomáš Petráček

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Hope in the course of history



Hope in the course of history / Naděje v dějinách (in Czech only)

History as a source of understanding our current situation.

A book of interviews with the well-known historian, theologian and Catholic priest, Tomáš Petráček, interconnects numerous worlds. Petráček’s reflections on history are intertwined with his reflection on contemporary Christianity and the Catholic Church, as well as with his reflection on the whole society. In Petráček´s opinion, studying of history dominantly brings a key to understanding of how we have got into our current situation, but it is also a source of inspiration and hope that human efforts open to working with God’s grace can change the world. The interviews provide readers with the opportunity to get acquainted with the roots of Petráček’s spiritual and social attitudes, to meet the personalities who have shaped him, or to look into the process of canonization of priest Josef Toufar.